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Basic UI Example

This example is a basic “hello-world” example. In playmode, the device will automatically connect to any Skinetic device available, and update the connection status. Additionally, two buttons are displayed in the middle of the screen, pressing one of them triggers a predefined haptic effect on the vest on the front (or back) of the haptic device.

img - Basic UI Example img - Basic UI Scene Tree

The scene is composed of a canvas with two buttons and a text and an empty gameobject SkineticBasicUIExample containing two gameobjects: one to handle the SkineticDevice component and one to handle the HapticEffect components.

Automatic connection

The connection is automatically performed by the SkiEx_AutoConnect script on the SkineticDevice component. This script has a reference set in the inspector to the SkineticDevice component and a Text on the canvas.

On the OnEnable event

  • A connection callback is set:


    This callback will be called whenever the connection to the device is made or broken, and update the state string m_connectString. When the connection succeed, the serial number is passed as an argument to the callback, it can be converted to a formatted string using the static Skinetic.SkineticDevice.SerialNumberToString.

  • A connection to any Skinetic device is requested by passing Skinetic.SkineticDevice.OutputType.E_AUTODETECT to allow any kind of connection and 0 to pick the first available device.

  • Start a coroutine to update the connection status in the text field as the callback being called from another thread cannot update the UI itself.

During the OnDisable event

The disconnection routine is initiated and the function returns once the disconnection is completed.

Basic Effects

The HapticEffects gameobject contains 3 components:

  • two preconfigured HapticEffect components whose parameters are predefined in the inspector and hold references to the SkineticDevice component in the scene and to the PatternAsset ScriptableObject they have to use.

  • a SkiEx_BasicUIEffects script which simply holds reference to the two HapticEffect and exposes 2 public functions registered in the inspector to each button’s OnClick() event. These functions then call PlayEffect from the HapticEffect as the target device was set in the inspector.

    img - Basic Effects

Additionally, the two PatternAsset ScriptableObjects are added to the preload list of the SkineticDevice so there is no need to register them through scripting as they will be loaded right at the beginning.

img - Pattern preload