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Skinetic & HSD Classic Connection

  • Click on Vest Connection Panel: This procedure opens the vest pairing panel.

    img - Vest Connection Panel

  • Select Recognized Vest: This procedure is used as a toggle switch to connect or disconnect a paired vest.

    img - Connection Panel Free 1 img - Connection Panel Free 2

  • Refresh Button: This procedure serves for refreshing the list of paired vests.

Audio Devices Streaming


This is a feature only accessible with the Professional License of Unitouch Studio. For more information, see our website.

Actronika's devices available in Classic mode will be displayed on the right.

On the left you will be able to connect to any audio devices recognized by your computer sound card. The operation for connecting to the audio device remains the same as the one for connecting to a classic Actronika device: just click on the button representing the set audio device.

img - Advanced Vest Connection Panel

You can see that below the device's connection panel, there is the audio connection settings. You can select from different presets for connecting to a custom audio device or an Actronika device such as:

  • Skinetic
  • HSD-mk-I
  • HSD-mk-II
  • HSD0

If you want to connect to a custom device you can set the following parameters:

  • Default Playback Device: Name of the targeted audio device.
  • Audio API: Name of the targeted API.
  • Sample Rate (Hz): Sample rate of the audio stream measured in Hertz.
  • Buffer Size: Size of a chunk of data sent over the audio stream.
  • Number of stream channels: Number of channels to use while streaming to the haptic output.
  • Suggested Latency (ms): Desired latency in milliseconds.

You can also set the audio connection settings on Edit > Preferences.

Pattern Playback

You can play back the sequence by clicking on the play button or by pressing the Space bar. You can also play the pattern in loop, if it is a finite sequence (a sequence with no infinite sensations), by clicking on the repeat button.

img - Playback img - Loop