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Authentication & Subscription Management

In order to use Unitouch Studio, you will need to create an user account. This account will allow you to use the Studio properly, but also to access the Professional features if you purchase a subscription.


Before getting started on your haptic design journey, you’ll be asked to register with Unitouch Studio. Once your registration has been validated, you’ll be able to login and discover what Unitouch Studio has to offer. img - Register


You can log in to Unitouch Studio using your Google account or register with another email account. img - Login

Sign Up for a Professional Subscription

In order to get access to the Professional account features you must follow this procedure:

  1. Go to the User Account panel located on the Help menu (Help > User Account). img - User Account Panel - Free
  2. Click on the Go Professional button.
  3. Select the susbscription model you need (monthly or yearly). img - User Account Panel Payment
  4. Add your payment details.
  5. Click on the Buy Professional Subscription button.
  6. A success message will be displayed. You can now close the User Account Panel and start enjoying the Professional features.

Cancelling a Professional Subscription

If you desire to cancel your Professional subscription you can do so on the User Account Panel. You just need to click on the Cancel Subscription button. Unitouch Studio will not load the Professional features after the subscription end date.

img - User Account Panel Payment


This will terminate your subscription. You will lose your acccess to the Professional features of Unitouch Studio after the subscription end date.

img - User Account Panel Payment

Further Assistance


If you need further assistance concerning professional subscriptions feel free to use the support form on our website